ARMMs: a new solution for therapeutic delivery

ARMMs are human cell-derived vesicles

Leveraging ARMMs as therapeutics

We engineer ARMMs by appending a therapeutic payload to the protein ARRDC1, encapsulating it within the vesicle for efficient and non-immunogenic delivery.


Express ARRDC1 and payload as transgene


Producer cell buds engineered ARMMs containing payload


Isolate engineered ARMMs


Administer as therapeutic

Addressing key delivery challenges


  • Human derived, no viral components
  • Immune silent

Customizable Tissue Targeting

  • Unique natural tropism
  • Ability to target specific cell types

Large Carrying Capacity

  • ~20 Cas/gRNA gene editors per vesicle
  • Payloads: gene editors, protein, RNA

Efficient Delivery

  • Functional delivery across different tissues
  • No endosomal trapping

Simple Manufacturing

  • Off-the-shelf starting materials
  • 1-step upstream process
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